Private Access empowers participants to share data with whomever they wish 
Exponentially increase sharing of electronic health records, patient reported survey data, genomic data, and other private health data, with health professionals, researchers and institutions looking to find better treatments for those affected by life altering conditions.

More easily provide proper disclosures, assessment tests, and audit trails, while abiding by institutional, local, state, and national laws, and most importantly, each individual's specific directives.

Private Access obtains 
Private Data faster!

Consented Data Access for Researchers

Private Access Intellectual Property

Private Access has been integrated into data capture systems that already allow tens of thousands of people to share their personal private family health data in an effort to assist researchers to find better treatments for those affected with life altering conditions. 

According to a 2015 Pew Research Center study, 93% of US consumers indicate they want control over who can access personal information about them.

If you are worried about protecting the privacy of your patients, but want your patients to share their data, Private Access empowers participants to provide their health data to "whomever they wish" which enables researchers to request and obtain health data legally and efficiently.
With Private Access privacy setting system with integrated eConsent modules, researchers can legally access Electronic Health Records (EHR), Genomic Data, and other patient provided health information with an audit of all permissions and consents provided by all participants for any and all data acquired.  

Patients can easily request their health care providers to provide EHR data creating instant access to specific researchers to this data fast and efficiently.   
Private Access has a portfolio of intellectual property including seven issued patents and numerous pending US and international applications, trademarks, copyrights and domain names. These IP assets have priority dates that are as early as 1997, and provide periods of protection that range from 2021 to 2035 or later on granular and dynamic access controls, consumer-mediated access to personal information, privacy-assured database search technology, and numerous related inventions.

U.S. Patent Nos.7,028,049; 7,664,753; 8,131,764; 8,904,554; 8,909,669; 9,032,544; and 9,047,487.

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Private Access, Genomic Data & the Blockchain

More Genomic Data provided to researchers w/Private Access.

Better Treatments, Faster!
w/Private Access on the Blockchain.

Capturing and studying genomic data without compromising an individual's right to privacy is a problem most research institutions are looking to tackle today. 

Private Access has created a solution to allow participants to share specific elements of their genomic sequence, such as any genes associated with Alzheimers with researchers looking to discover new treatments for Alzheimers (or any other condition, with an option to share or not share their name and contact information. 

This allows more willingness to share genomic data, exponentially increasing the amount of genomic data collected by researchers. 
Private Access is about getting the badly needed research data into the hands of the most appropriate people while protecting the privacy of each individual.  

Private Access can use Blockchain technology and Smart Contracts to further enhance the ability for data holders such as Hospitals, Disease Advocacy Organizations, Blood Banks, Genomic Data Banks, and the patients themselves to establish a data sharing economy to gather and locate health data in a much faster way then it is currently done today.  

Private Access + Genomic Data + Blockchain 
= Better, Faster, Treatments!
Private Access News
Private Access is changing the world by working with top universities, genomic sequencing companies, non-profits and research groups to collect data faster and get it in the hands of the most appropriate people, while considering the wishes of each individual.
  1. Private Access & Illumina
    Private Access and Illumina worked together on revolutionary genomic sequencing tools to enable people to control what parts of their genomic sequence they wish to share with researchers to help speed up drug trials, saving time, money and lives.
  2. Private Access & Genetic Alliance
    Private Access has been working with Genetic Alliance for over a decade to create systems to start capturing patient reported data from over 1,200 non-profit disease advocacy groups in hopes of providing more data to researchers to speed up treatments for all conditions.
  3. Private Access and Massachusetts General Hospital
    Private Access recently launched integrated data collection and eConsent systems for a Massachusetts General Hospital study funded by PCORnet. The study will move from traditional paper processes for assessment, disclosure, and consent to participate, to a more rapid mobile eConsent Process.
  4. Private Access and Children's Hospital of Philadephia
    Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), and United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation (UMDF), have teamed up to help save lives by using Private Access tools to obtain proper eConsent that the reclaiming and sharing of clinical data with researchers, so that better medications can be developed faster for those living with Mitochondrial disorders.
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