Data Capture w/Private Access
PrivateAccess is the foundational technology platform we’ve developed to allow individual users to grant “private access” to all or portions of their personal information by specific people or groups, and/or under specific circumstances or conditions. This consumer-centric platform permits each individual to express and manage his or her own personal privacy preferences. In the healthcare context, by establishing a PrivateAccess™ account, patients are empowered to safely share their personal medical information with those who can help improve care and advance pertinent research.

With an initial implementation in clinical trials recruitment, patients are able to make their information available to trusted researchers or research groups, and to decide who should have the ability to search and view this information on the basis of anonymous or personally-identifiable records. Once established, these private access rights open the ability for researchers to locate patients who match their particular criteria and to inform these patients of clinical trials that may be of interest. PrivateAccess can also be used to improve the reach of disease management programs and to unlock the research potential of patient registries and blood and tissue sample repositories. This transformative privacy platform includes a comprehensive audit log and the use of automatically generated alerts that instantly inform patients of opportunities specific to their needs and within their privacy directives.

By creating an essential environment of trust, built by and for patients, PrivateAccess has great capacity to accelerate the finding of better diagnostics and treatments, to improve care and to reduce healthcare costs.
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